Telesales is something that many people are very suspicious of and find really frustrating and this means that if you are doing telesales you need to be especially careful of the way you handle your calls in order to make the person feel more comfortable and so help encourage them to hear you out and, hopefully, purchase your products or services.

Don't Say You're Not Selling Something
The first way you can kill your telesales is to say you're not selling anything, even if you say you're only doing a survey. The truth is that most people know you are going to be selling something or you would not be calling, and even if you are doing a survey most times people expect a sales pitch at the end due to previous experiences.

Watch the Background Noises
Background noises are another way to kill your telesales. A busy office can sound like a call centre and noises indicating a home office can sound amateurish. You should preferably work in a quiet environment (even if it is in a call centre) and if you work at home make sure that there is no baby crying or dog barking to give away this fact.

Sound Like You're Reading a Script
Another problem in telesales is if you sound like you're reading a script. Even if you have been given a script to use, make sure you understand the basics of it and then just talk and try to express enthusiasm for your product or service during your telesales call. Reading comes across in a bland and boring way and is not likely to get anyone to purchase.

Ask to Speak to Someone by their Title
Another way to kill your telesales before it even takes place is to ask to speak to someone by their title. Take the time to find out what the person's name is and ask to speak to them by name. Even better is if you can find out what their colleagues call them and ask to speak to them by that name.

Telesales is not the easiest sales method and it is important to watch how it is done in order to get the best results. Make sure that you don't sound like you're a telesales consultant calling from a call center, even if you are.

Source: Mitch Carson link