One of the things a telesales professional need to know is how to manage his sales pipeline effectively. A good telesales professional manages the sales cycle throughout from beginning till end strategically. And we are talking about long-term sales cycle, not short-term. By strategically we mean that all stages of the sales process are identified and the needs to be accomplished in each stage are determined. You then allot the appropriate time and resources needed to accomplish the goals for each stage.

Managing your sales pipeline effectively also means that you have to have to engage in activities that generate more sales opportunities and make the necessary follow up.

A lot of sales professionals are having a hard time in this are so let's take a look at why pipeline management is important and what you can do to improve it.

There are many advantages of having a good pipeline management. They are as follows:

Better appropriation of resources. By allotting enough resources at the right time, you can ensure that there are always sales opportunities as you go along your sales pipeline.

Better sales forecasting. A well-managed sales pipeline puts everything in order. This allows you to make better sales forecasts due to the absence of irregular "graphs" that make forecasting difficult.

Set the right expectations. Telesales professionals are accountable and responsible for managing their sales pipeline; hence they must provide the organization with a detailed review of the pipeline in order to set realistic expectations.

Lastly, it makes follow-through smooth and efficient.

To improve your pipeline management, you have to keep your focus on every stage of the pipeline. It means that you must see to it that every monthly or weekly goal is taken cared of while you are always on the lookout for new opportunities along the way to make sure that your pipeline is constantly flowing.

Risk management. As with any venture, telesales professionals have to make a contingency plan to minimize the impact of handling opportunities which turn out to be unprofitable.

Good management requires discipline. Managing a sales pipeline can be a complex activity and it needs to be regulated and evaluated regularly in order to meet the long-term goals.

Use technology for better management. You can choose from a wide array of customer relationship management (CRM) systems available. Another tool that is very helpful is pipeline management software. Through such technology, the success that individual telesales professionals achieve at this level translates to the success of the organization as a whole.

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