To make telesales work for you requires that you understand how people buy. Let's take a look at what makes an advertising campaign successful.
Great marketers in the advertising world understand that it takes multiple exposures to sell something. The idea of or concept of these "multiple exposures" is tied with what is called BRANDING.

Branding has been around since the early 1800s and can be traced back to companies that sold patented medicines and tobacco. Branding is about advertising your message over a period of time so that when people are in need of something (i.e. that something being your product or service) then the first person they think of is you and your company. In telesales, you are essentially branding yourself and that's called "Personal Branding" and at the same time you are branding your product and/or service.

Today, tomorrow or a week from now when you pick up the telephone try to think like a great marketer Think about multiple exposures. Focus more on providing information and innovative solutions and not about pushing a product or service. Think long-term and have a deep understanding that more people will buy from you if you keep following up with them. Of course, it could happen where you call someone once and they buy from you, but that is often rare. Your best sales will come over a period of time such as weeks, months or even years!

When we speak of exposures it doesn't need to be a telephone call with your telesales prospect and an exposure could include one or more of the following:

A voice mail message

An industry article that you cut out for your telesales prospect (with notes and highlights) to be sent via email and/or mail

Thank you note

An advertisement that you found in the mail from one of your telesales prospect's competitors to be sent via email and/or mail.

A gift sent to your telesales prospect

A proposal sent to your telesales prospect

A follow-up letter to your telesales prospect

An invitation to a networking event or social gathering

Include your telesales prospect on your next direct mail campaign

Include your telesales prospect on your next email advertising campaign

A surprise visit to your telesales prospect's office with a bagels and juice to be served to their entire office.

Source: D.M. Arenzon link