When your telesales representative comes in the first day, it's always good to BE READY! There is nothing worse than having a new rep show up and then having to scramble for a scripts or rebuttal sheets. We give them a packet that includes scripts, rebuttals, tips, dispositions, 10 blank lead sheets, a headset, clipboard, and a yellow tablet for notes and callbacks.

Once they have everything needed to dial we sit them down and spend about an hour giving them a basic overview of why people refinance. It is best to hire someone outside the mortgage industry so we will need to explain the process of a refinance, along with the basic reasoning why a homeowner would want or need to refinance. You really need to show them the "Savings and/or Benefits" of why someone would refinance. Show the telesales representative that we are here to help these homeowners get into better financial situations. THEY MUST BELIEVE THEY ARE HELPING PEOPLE FOR THEM TO HAVE SUCCESS!

Once you have the telesales representative grasping the concept of why people need to refinance we start reviewing the introductory packet. We start with scripts, rebuttals, and then start showing them the dialing system including the dispositions required after every call. Go over the lead sheet with them so that they know where all the pertinent information is.
Show them where to start asking the questions (start with interest rate and payment) and then walk them through the sheet about 2-3 times.

Show them a few examples of a completed lead sheet. Do not discuss too much about DTI and LTV. Keep it basic. Remember this is their first day and all we want them doing is thinking about saving people money or helping their current financial situation.

After we have reviewed everything with them we will have them listen to some calls. Most of us have all made calls and if you advanced from Phase 2 then you have made plenty. Spend about 2 hours dialing on the system during a Prime Time slot. Let them hear you take a lot of calls this way they can see the different rebuttals and techniques used to generate a lead.
Telesales representatives are audible learners; they need to hear the scripts being read to learn properly. Once they hear this a few times, most will feel comfortable to hop right on the dialer and try it out.

Teaching your new telesales representative about the dialing system sounds like a no brainier but you would be surprised how many people need more than a basic overview of the system. It's best to make sure they are acquainted properly with your system.

Once they are start dialing you defiantly want to listen to them pitch throughout the first day. Ask them if they have any questions or offer advice on the phone calls they have taken. Answer the questions to the best of your knowledge and then get them back on the dialer in a motivational way. A good line to use is that they sounded pretty good and that they will get it in no time. This will accomplish two things. First, it makes them feel good and second it builds their confidence. The more confident they sound they better they will do. The better they do the more confident they will get. This is true with any industry as well as is in the wonderful world of telesales. In fact, it is much more prevalent to pump them up in this line of work that any other due to the amount of rejection they receive over the phone. Repeat this throughout the first few days of training.

Another reason for listening to the telesales representative the first few days is that it will help them answer questions for the homeowner. Once they get on a call with an interested homeowner, you want to be 100% available to walk them through the lead. If the call sounds promising stand behind your rep and point to the questions on the lead sheet to ask, in order. This gets the rep comfortable with where to go next on the lead sheet. You can have the telesales representative take the app on the computer, however if they start making mistakes you will lose potential deals. I really advise using the paper lead method for your telesales representatives. It's easy to cross out and write over things when they make mistakes and they can always rewrite it later.

At the end of the first day give them an overview of how it went. Give them a few points you think you want them to change about their pitch which will help them convert more calls into applications. Make sure that you motivate them with the money they WILL make WHEN they get better. You also want to reiterate they did very well on their first day and so on. Of course this is all dependent on the fact that you believe they have the potential to work out. If not, you start looking for a replacement ASAP. Also have them organize their documents they accumulated throughout the day so it doesn't get lost or mixed up with any other paperwork. This is a very important habit to teach them early because over time they will accumulate a lot of call backs from people that were interested but busy at that particular moment. The very last thing we do before we let them go for the day is thank them for coming in and tell them welcome to team. They want to be accepted the first day and this only helps their confidence for the second day.

It will take anywhere from 3 to 6 days for a rep to fully understand the lead generation concept. Expect 1-2 leads a day for the first week. This number should start to multiply in the following weeks. It usually takes your telesales representative 2 to 6 weeks to learn the entire process. It will be nothing but success from there.

Source: Raymond Bartreau