Telesales is a means of marketing which takes places over the phone. It is a very controversial method to boosting sales in your business. It may be controversial but it is definitely one of the most effective ways to boosting your revenue if carried out correctly. Read further to find out correct and professional telesales methods to make sure you succeed in this type of marketing.

Telesales may be quite an expensive form of marketing but "is it really??" I would have to say that whether you think it is or not it will be one of the most effective forms of marketing you will be involved in if carried out correctly. Read below to find out how to prepare your calls and effective call practices.

Planning Pre-Call
Always set yourself a goal at the beginning before you make any telesales calls. This goal should be what you are aiming for in your call, for example your goal for one day could be to "get the prospects approval to be placed on your call back list". Try to set yourself 2 goals before making your calls so that if you do not manage the first one you always have a backup goal to aim for in case the prospect does not want what you wanted them to do.

A screener is in place. Getting to the big man
Quite a lot of people have secretaries or screeners that will take their calls for them, so you being in the telesales business want to get to these people and not the screener as it is their bosses you are more than likely trying to sell too.

In a telesales call when you get to a screener you should speak to them as you would the person you are trying to get through to. You will need to do this as the screener is the person that is going to decide whether or not you have something of value to their boss and will decide whether you are wasting their time or not.

Right when speaking to the screener if they take a message from you make sure that it sounds like what you have to offer will benefit the prospect because if it doesn't the screener may not even pass the message on.

Grab their attention on the Opening Statement
Your telesales opening statement is going to be one of the most important parts to your call, you want to make sure that you grab their attention immediately so that they do not just turn around and try to get rid of you. Make sure that when you make the call you do not say something along the lines of "Hi, we were just calling in your area" as this will not make the prospect very interested as people prefer to feel you are only offering your service or product to them.

Make sure that you do not come out with a load of questions that are going to take you nowhere; you need to think carefully how to get the prospect involved. Make sure you are only asking one question at a time, many telesales businesses seem to try and rush the prospect by firing tons of questions at them at once. Also in telesales before giving out information try and get as much information out of the prospect as you can so that you can try and tell them the ways your product/service will benefit them.
Always after asking questions give a few seconds to the prospect even if its silence, they may be trying to think of a way to answer, but do not rush them and let them naturally continue with the call once they know.

Also what makes a great telesales salesman is to be as confident and chirpy as possible, people love a confident person and it will make them feel at ease when you are talking to them.

Source: Tony Savour  link