Telesales training is vital to have a successful telesales career. Many people jump into call centers or have a telesales job from home with little to no telesales training whatsoever. And their empty pockets and frustration is due to poor telesales training or lack thereof.

Telemarketers who get the right telesales training learn the secrets of top closers and make a large income in a short time.

Develop good listening skills: A key factor to remember during this telesales training is that you must be a good listener and be able to persuade. Don't worry. There will be plenty of exercises and knowledge on this site to ensure your success.

Practice on the phone by listening to a friend and responding to what he/she is saying while staying on topic. Never interrupt or interject until they have made their point.

The same holds true in telesales training here. When you listen and respond properly to your prospect, he/she will appreciate you and will be more apt to purchase what you are selling.

Listen! Respond! Listen! Respond! Then, when the time is right, ask for the order. $$$

Whether you decide to work from home, or in a telesales call center, the basics are still the basics and product knowledge, in my opinion, is second to being able to sell by listening and responding appropriately.

Phone sales or telesales is not a frowned upon profession like the old days.
We have new rules and regulations set forth by the do not call list.

We will talk about telesales laws, auto dialer software and phone dialers, call center monitoring software, telesales jobs from home, and professional selling skills.

By: Rex Warner link