Telesales has become a big industry in a world where today's businesses never sleep. In order for businesses to stay competitive and on top of their market, they have to find new ways to reach their customers around the clock. Even though most businesses cannot afford a 24 hour a day call centre presence, most can afford to hire a telesales firm to pick up the slack.

Telesales calls and outbound marketing are only two of the many services offered by today's telesales firms. Companies can choose the services that they want or can hire the telesales firm to take care of their entire customer and client care needs. They can provide additional market research as well as a more tailored approach to meet your business needs.
The role of telesales has changed from simply providing market research services to providing outbound marketing as well as handling all types of customer calls. They can provide customer support, they can take and process orders and they can also act as a call centre by taking calls and messages after-hours for staff. They can even call you after-hours with important business messages, depending upon your business needs.
Since the Internet has made today's marketplace global, a business cannot hope to remain competitive unless they are available to additional markets around the world. Obviously, the costs required in operating a 24 hour a day call centre would be prohibitive to most businesses which are why telesales firms have become so popular. The role and importance of telesales firms and call centers is expected to continue growing well into the future.

Telesales firms have proven to be so successful that most large businesses do not have call centers on site anymore. Instead, they have outsourced their telesales needs and call centers to those firms specializing in providing these types of services. This allows them the flexibility of not having to hire, train and staff telephone call centers. They simply sign a contract and let them handle the details.

Telesales firms are certainly looking at a bright future. Their services have become so indispensable in today's economy that it is even possible for small businesses to remain competitive in the 24 hour a day world we live in.


Source: Claire Jarrett link