Telesales companies have taken over the business landscape and have become such an integral part of the market place that, without them, many businesses would be hard pressed to continue operating as they currently are. Telesales providers used to be strictly local businesses, however, in recent years lead generation suppliers have moved their operations offshore in greater numbers. The exodus has created a much more affordable call center model that is a big hit with business leaders.
However, along with the cost savings and other benefits that offshore telesales companies provide - there are some downsides. In fact, some businesses opt for local telesales companies over their offshore cousins for those very reasons.

Lead generation is now so important to the business community that most companies will turn to telesales companies at some point in their business lives to help with this aspect of their marketing activities. Lead generation is basically the gathering of information that will provide businesses with an insight to what their customers and target market is thinking, needing and wanting. Lead generation helps companies to better hone their product and service offerings and gives them tips to where they are most likely to find eager customers. However, for telesales companies to provide good lead generation services, their agents must be able to talk glibly with the people at the other end of the telephone line. Sometimes, this is not possible when the agents are all non-natives, whose mother tongue might not be English - and therein lays the biggest problem with offshore telesales companies.

The offshore model is obviously staffed with locals who all have accents when speaking English and who might use phrases that are uncustomary to western ears. The discrepancy in language and accent can often cause confusion and raise the hostility of the people being called. In fact, in customer service situations, some consumers take offence to the fact that they cannot properly understand the agent who is fielding their phone call. Such a situation can be detrimental to a company's image and reputation. Therefore, in order to avoid such confusion some companies prefer hiring local telesales companies.

Local telesales companies tend to be slightly pricier than their offshore counterparts, but they work extremely well for customer service options where it is necessary for the consumer calling into the call center to be understood. Local telesales companies' agents will be able to relate with the consumers calling in and will be able to help them without any misunderstandings. Offshore telesales companies are very good for handling overflow calls, after-hours sales calls and other basic customer inquiry situations.

Offshore telesales agencies have given third world and developing world societies a means of providing good, steady and well-paid jobs for their people. They have helped create a burgeoning middle class where the societies were traditionally divided between rich and poor. They have also helped to boost the economies of the countries in question.
So, deciding on whether and offshore or a local telesales company is for you, it is best to weigh what you need done, the kind of customer service queries the agents will be fielding and decided based on the answers.

Source: Kim Brandon link