A lot has been said and written about telesales. Simply type in the keyword 'telesales' and a myriad of result will simply overwhelm you. The authors giving their two cents on the subject come from diverse backgrounds and fields of expertise - from marketing and sales experts with PhD's, marketing concepts & social media experts to the telesales representatives themselves. Once you've filtered through the lies, the hype and the myths (it's a skill knowing which is which), you'll clearly understand that what they're trying to convey is one and the same thing. If you've been in the market for the longest time and it still touch and go as far as your profit is concerned, then you might want to reassess your advertising and marketing approach.

There are two types of telesales. Inbound telesales is a sale or service from a customer who wants to order an advertised product over the telephone. Inbound services includes but is not limited to order taking, catalog requests, customer service and help desks. On the other hand outbound telesales is the telesales representative calling out to prospective customers regarding a product or service they wish to introduce. This can be phone sales, appointment setting and then some.

Of course there's a flip-side to this coin, the disadvantages. Let's face it; even being nice has certain disadvantages. We've heard it all - The annoyance factor, the negative image and the stress that comes with being a telesales representative... Things the normal world would refer to simply as occupational hazards, nothing more. Sadly, a lot of companies are stuck in a financial plateau because they'd rather put the disadvantages they've heard from some so-called expert as a psychological barrier which prevents them from learning more about Telesales.

Some fundamental truths why Telesales works:

A ringing phone will definitely get anyone's attention

Telesales is practical, cost-efficient and effective. In other words... It works.

Radio, TV and Print Ads can only do so much, why?

Telesales can immediately answer inquiries, address their concerns, and overcome their objections.

No lost opportunities as calls not converted to a sale at that moment will become a lead which can be nurtured for future campaigns.

Properly and professionally handled, sales can happen real-time.

Next to the discovery of fire and the wheel, the concept of selling products / services through the telephone, may well be the next best thing man has ever came up with. Outbound telesales has probably been around a couple of years after the invention of the telephone, simply because of the advantages listed above and probably a couple of other more reasons.
Believe it or not, inbound telesales wasn't around until 1967. Thousands of companies rely heavily on the phone for the most part of their sales.
Telephone sales now surpass direct mail as a form of advertising for businesses.

Telesales is now a globally accepted form of marketing with a lot of
businesses small and large, attesting to the power and efficiency it brings. Outsourcing telesales services also greatly benefits a good majority of English speaking third world countries, providing additional job opportunities to the talented few it accepts as telesales representatives.

Telesales is definitely flexible to some extent as far as scripting and calling hours is concerned, it's definitely practical because of the never-ending opportunities and possibilities it provides whose main design is to increase profit and enhance your business. Having and understanding fully well these advantages proves that telesales is truly the ultimate marketing solution.

Bottom line here is, you've read some basic facts and hopefully you've understood the basic concepts of how advantageous telesales is for any type of company relying on services / product sales as its main source of profit. As stated earlier there are a lot of references or better yet, telesales call centers out there who will be more than willing to help you learn more about the intricacies of the business. They're already reaching out to you. All you need to do is reach back.

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