In a telesales call you should find out what the prospects needs are and you should be asking them questions that are relevant to what they need and what you can provide. There is no point going along with questions that have to relevance to the prospect.

If you spot that the prospect is thinking about the sale do not get over excited, a lot of telesales reps get carried away and tend to start listing all the benefits to a prospect, this gives them the idea that you believe you have already sold them the item, this tends to put the prospect off, you should simply ask more questions and keep trying to get as much information out of them as possible.

Now when you are at this point in your telesales call and you will want to try and get feedback from the prospect for example ask them if they feel that your product/service will benefit them, this is where you could be told no which is a good thing I would say because if they say no now it will avoid any time wasting on both your parts. Also another thing to try is just before you start the closing procedure avoid asking them if there is anything else that they would require as this will usually be a no, instead of this point out what they may need as well and show them that it may benefit them as well and see if they go for it as well.

Now when you are making a telesales call you are going to need to know how to handle objections from the prospect as this is likely to occur at times where the prospect is not willing to come along with you, when you do get objections you are going to want to handle it correctly. One way of doing this is getting them to talk to you about why they do not feel the product/service will benefit them. Once you know their reasons behind not wanting it you will be able to advance again and ask questions that may show them that it will help. You should never be really pushy though as many people do not like this and will end the call because of you being to full on.

Next if you have got the prospect to the point of you telling them the price of your product you are nearly there with a successful telesales call, but remember that it isn't over yet. The way you go about telling them the price is vital, if you sound unsure and shaky when saying the price that will even put them off so you need to know the price you are offering is good and be very solid when announcing it to the prospect. If you are confident in the telesales call and have got them this far you need to be confident when saying the price or you can just as easily lose them because of it.

When closing your telesales call you need to know that you have the commitment from the prospect because if you are going to contact them at a certain time you want to know that they are going to be there and carry through therefore not wasting your time. Ask them for a decision if you need to because there is no point taking follow up calls so close from this telesales call when they are not going to say yes, so it is better to get a answer at this stage.

When you come to the end of the telesales call you should always go over with the prospect what has been made from the phone call, for example confirm what is going to happen next for example you sending them a leaflet with information, let them know what they are looking for and how they should proceed with it. Make sure that everything is clear so both parties know what they need to do.

That's all for now I hope this helps you in your telesales strategy, always remember to be confident and alert, stay happy and act professionally otherwise you can easily lose potential customers.

Source: Tony Savour link