Telesales is known as another successful method of direct marketing in which a seller provides his or her services and products usually by phone. The method is consistently used today by leading companies. There are successful marketers using their own customer leads with telesales methods in the Internet marketing industry.

One of the clearest examples of using this method effectively is when the marketer has grown their own mailing list into the thousands and has formed a strong credibility in the industry, thanks to the use of his experiences and his or her own products and services. It is then important to note that if a starting marketer would start a telesales campaign, he needs to assure himself of having numerous customers in his lead database. Plus, the marketer needs to have enough credibility to charge the usual high fees in the $1,000 range.

Using an Internet marketer as an example is a simple rags to riches story. Since most telesales campaigns are done from multi-million-dollar companies, having a small business use telesales isn't a usual practice. However, telesales is a practice employed by successful marketers like Mike Filsaime. Filsaime's story is not the average story about every day marketers.

Mike Filsaime for many years was a successful manager for one of the US States high traffic retailing dealerships of cars. Under his belt he already had leading experience on how to get things done effectively from a management side and knew how to lead a company. He was already one of the highest paid employees which proved he was not only a competent and leading guy, but effective on making a company successful.

Not being the usual case since most employed managers do not make the successful leap from employment to business owner, Mr. Filsaime spent more than a year developing software to help Internet markets worldwide achieve easier success and receive solutions to actual market problems. A little over a year later, Filsaime had no problem resigning from his six figure career as a leading manager in one of New York's leading dealership in car sales.

The story is very well known by thousands of Internet marketers. His list has grown into the hundreds of thousands and his loyal partners and customers are key influential relationships to his new telesales campaigns. Anyone who has bought any of his products, if not all of his products is likely given the chance to a privilege of being in his $10,000 mentorship program.

From a guy who has made millions of dollars on the Internet, many of us could conclude that it not only would be a telesales successful step to learn from Filsaime and his company, but a special treat for those who can afford a fast start education with one of today's in-demand marketers.

Mike Filsaime's new telesales success from a team coaching standpoint is not known, however, it would be easy to assume when having a list of hundreds of thousands of marketers that financial success was accomplished. Even a regular marketer can start a telesales campaign if enough leads are already in place in your leads system; think about it!

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