Telesales is done for B2B or B2C products. Apart from direct sales, telesales is done for lead generation as well. There are some distinct advantages of telesales as it can be done from any location like an office, home or even a call center. A telesales call can be considered effective only if it consists of two or more calls. The first call will aim at identifying the needs of the customer while the second call will persuade the potential client to make the sale.

Normally the company identifies the potential client by means of credit limit, database of the company which is generated with the help of the telephone directories. Telesales services have gone up tremendously and today one can find charitable organizations and political parties using this medium to get donations and for popularity

Here are various market research companies who do a lot of telesales to identify the target audience and the history of consumer behavior. Telesales is also used in post sales period to find out if the customer is happy with the product or service offered by the company.

Telesales should aim not to irritate the customer by making frequent calls at regular intervals but to call him and find his level of comfort and proceed further. There are some restrictions which are applied to telesales companies .They must have a unique registration number.

Telesales services are outsourced these days for cost effectiveness. There are so many ways to outsource these services. The benefits of telesales last for a long time in comparison to any other media. The information collected through a telesales call can be of use for the nest one year or two. It helps in accelerating the growth of the business and has high flexibility. It makes a particular company look bigger .There can be immediate feedback from the client which can be implemented in action. The workload comes down wherein it allows the business to focus on better opportunities. The expenses are least and when the task is outsourced the business can focus on using the specialized skill on core functions of the company.

Source: Edwards Gavin