Following a few telesales tips can improve the effectiveness of your calls and help you achieve better results.

Telesales is an effective method of selling products and services, connecting with new customers, and maintaining contact with current clients. Since you are able to reach more people in less time, you can expand your sales territory, giving your company the potential to function on a national or even international level.

Successful telesales depends on skilled communication and the ability to convey the desired message convincingly and persuasively. Essentially, businesses will look for telesales personnel with well-developed phone techniques and the ability to achieve greater results with fewer calls.

Unlike other marketing strategies, telesales depends completely on verbal communication, making your success in this area contingent on your ability to use words to your advantage. Basically, it all comes down to what you say, and how you say it.

Telesales is an important tool that, if used properly, can generate greater productivity and higher profits; but, in a competitive field, it is vital that you develop the skills necessary for success.

1. Understand Consumer Behavior. It is important that you know your customer. Understanding your target audience - knowing what they want, how they think, and how they feel - will help you connect with the client or customer, and build a rapport that will set the tone for the rest of the conversation. You want the customer to feel like they can relate to you because you understand their needs and are able to offer ideal solutions.
Whether a professional, skilled trade s person, student, or parent, knowing your customer will guide your conversation, help you ask appropriate questions, and allow you to adapt your script to suit your audience.

2. Prepare. To be an effective teleseller, you must understand that most of the work happens before you even pick up the phone. It is important that you set your objectives, know the goals you want to achieve, and the message you wish to deliver. What do you want to accomplish with each call? Are you introducing a product with the offer of sending a brochure or information package? Are you hoping to secure future interest? Do you want to make a sale? Is it a follow up call or a customer service survey? If you don't know the desired outcome, then you will have a difficult time seeing any results.

Be organized, know your product, and be prepared to answer any questions the customer may have. Remember, providing information and meeting the needs of the client are important aspects of securing any sale.
Write a script that will capture the customer's attention immediately and keep them interested in the product or service you are offering. Your script should include main ideas, persuasive words, and key questions that will generate interest, but be prepared to change it as the conversation progresses. You want the call to sound genuine and natural so the customer understands that you are speaking to them personally, not merely reading a written sales pitch. You want to convince the customer that they have a need and your product is the solution to meet that need.
You can prepare yourself by understanding your product, understanding your customer, writing an appropriate script, establishing clear goals or objectives, and developing your message so that it is clear, simple, and organized.

3. Practice. Successful telesales is dependent on strong listening skills, effective communications skills, and an ability to establish rapport with customers. Improving these skills will help you realize greater results and allow you to accomplish your objectives in less time. Record yourself rehearsing your message, or practice on family, friends, or co-workers. Try your skills out on someone who will critique your presentation honestly and will help you identify areas that need improvement. Do not practice on customers. Not only does this show disrespect for a customer's time, but a poor result could harm your confidence and make you question your ability.
Improving skills and confidence is a result of practice, so be willing to invest the time so you can give the customer the best possible service.

Telesales is a great way to promote your business, increase sales, and expand your client base. By following these telesales tips, you will be able to develop strong communication skills that will improve your call conversions.

Source: Cathy Halliday