Telesales services are among the oldest and most reliable forms of advertising and marketing your brand. The telesales cold call has been around since the 1950s and has, since then, become ubiquitous with supper-hour interruptions and pushy sales. However, the image under which cold calling suffered has changed dramatically over the last few years and today hiring a telesales company is more a sign of smart marketing using every available means rather than an obnoxious sales tool that left most people contacted aggravated instead of enlightened.

The advent of the internet and online marketing options has meant that businesses have had to radically rethink how they use telesales services. Now, nearly every telesales company operating is not just a marketing tool, but is a full-service call center offering businesses smart and convenient solutions that can save them both time and money. Cold calling is but a small part of what these innovative businesses have to offer their customers. Now, telesales services suppliers combine strategically sent emails along with flyers and follow up calls to get the most out of the telesales services experience.

Businesses that want to use cold calling to their advantage now have the telesales company's agents engage the potential customer in a dialogue that gets them talking as well - so that the call does not become a one-way conversation. Instead, customers get to voice their opinions on a number of matters including what they think about a product or service and how they can be better served. The results are often extremely enlightening and they are always useful to the business commissioning the telesales services. Businesses are able to use the information gleaned from these outbound calls to assess just how well they are reaching their target audience and what they can do to better serve their clients.

One of the cleverest ways of integrating online advertising with print and telesales services is to start your publicity campaign by sending out flyers followed by emails targeting the potential customers you have identified using a specific call list. After a few days it is time to start calling the customers you have already contacted by other means to find out what their reaction was to the flyers and emails that they received and to gauge how effective such a campaign was. In fact, that is one of the real beauties of a telesales services campaign - it is only through cold calling that you can truly judge whether your campaign is working or not because you get feedback right away. Whereas with other forms of marketing - especially online advertising, there is no real way to gauge just how well the publicity is doing.

Using a telesales company to help you better brand your business is nothing new. Companies have found that it is one of the best ways available to sensitize people to their existence, product and/or service. It delivers an accurate gauge of how well a campaign is doing and it is far less costly than other forms of advertising.

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