Telesales is widely used all over the world as an effective method for generating leads and making sales. Being a small scale real estate business or professional, you've got a couple of options like telesales, email marketing or web marketing to promote your services. You can choose one or more from these relatively inexpensive mediums; telesales happens to be the one with the best success rate. A telesales representative's job is to call prospective customers and entice them to buy some particular product/service from you. Known as a very cost-effective method, telesales is often denounced by the general public who consider it to be a disturbance (and rightfully so). That doesn't mean that telesales in all of its forms is unethical, all you need to do is to avoid calling at inappropriate times and make sure that the number you are going to call, is not on "Do not call" list. You can use telesales for various purposes in your real estate business, for example generating leads or making sales during outbound or inbound calls.

Good thing about telesales is that you can do it from the comfort of your house as well. Getting your hands on customer's list and their contact numbers is often the trickiest part, because you cannot use telephone directories. Calling a random number and inquiring if they need the services of a real estate agent or attorney is not going to fetch any result. As an alternate option, you can acquire a list of customers from another business which is somehow related to your business. Otherwise you can get these numbers from property portals where interested buyers or sellers often leave their contact details along with their requirements.

Calling your customers and convincing them over phone is not easy, you should start from defining your telesales goals. In most cases, you should be content with fixing a meeting with the clients because it's not possible to finalize the sale of a property over phone. Even though it's good to have a written sales pitch but don't rely solely on the sales pitch because in most cases the customers will just slam the phone down in case you start narrating your sales pitch like a robot. It's always good to have some information about the person you are going to talk to, if you are getting the numbers from a property portal, you must read a little about their requirements before making a call.

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