Telemarketing is not as easy as it looks. Telemarketing involves talking on the phone to someone you do not know and trying to convince them to buy a product, use a service, or sign up for a special offer. Many times, telemarketers fail because they are not doing the job properly and lack telephone sales training. Speaking is a skill, and there are telephone sales training techniques that can be applied to speaking that will help anyone become a successful telemarketer.

These are the seven steps to successful telemarketing:

Step #1: Motivation
One of the most important things in telemarketing is motivation. Someone has to want to do the job. The overall motivation will determine how they speak to people. So, successful telemarketers are very motivated to do the job.

Step #2: Product knowledge
In order to successfully speak about a product or a service, the telemarketer must know about the product or the service. Customers will ask questions before they buy or sign up for something, so the telemarketer should be able to answer the questions. Knowing the product or service will help the telemarketer make a successful deal.

Step #3: Know the call format
The telemarketer should have a call format or a call plan. They should know the order of the call: the introduction, the description of the product, the price, the value of the product, how to order, and the closing.  Many companies will have a script to follow. A successful telemarketer will know the script and use it to their advantage.

Step #4: Attitude
Attitude is evident on the phone. When someone's happy and excited, those emotions will be obvious, even on the phone. Angry, upset, or frustrated telemarketers are usually not successful. So, the successful telemarketer will have a positive attitude while doing their job.

Step #5: Know the customer
A good telemarketer will know the customer. Know when it is a good time to call. Calling during dinner, early in the morning, or late at night will not be successful. If you call at a bad time, ask the customer when a better time to call would be. Know what they are looking for. Do not try to sell them something they are not interested in. This will create hostility. Listen to what the customer has to say. Their comments and input can help you guide the direction of your call. Respect the customer's feelings and comments. Knowing the customer is a successful technique for any telemarketer.

Step #6: Visualise your success
Many telemarketers receive bonuses or rewards for a job well done. A successful telemarketer will visualise his or her success. They set goals and work towards those goals. Having a vision of what you want to get out of this job will help create a successful telemarketer.

Step #7 Enjoy the success
A successful telemarketer will always take the time to enjoy the fruit of their hard work. They will be proud of their successes and will continue to strive for future success.

In conclusion, these seven steps are simple telephone sales training techniques that any telemarketer can immediately apply to be successful. The way the materials are presented, the attitude, the knowledge, and the motivation are all integral parts of a successful telemarketer. Telemarketing is not an easy job, but it can be a very successful and rewarding job by following these seven proven steps to success.

Source:  Kamua Austin Link

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