Uncovering new opportunities and potential new business is an essential task of any sales team, however, it is probably one of the most unpopular activities. The main reason for this is that professional salespeople, just like the rest of us, fear rejection. The reality is though, if we have confidence in our products, solutions and services, we owe it to ourselves and to our company to tell as many people as possible.

I have always taken the view that if a prospective client rejects my proposal, then they have lost out on dramatically improving their business. A positive and confident mind-set is essential for successful telephone sales and cold calling.

So what are the telephone training course rules?

Plan & Prepare and Take Telesales Training:

Make sure that you are prepared for the phone sales call:-

Have all the relevant documentation to hand.

Prepare a phone sale script' including everything you wish to ask.

Use bullet points not sentences.

Familiarize yourself with the "script" - practice, write down your agenda and be direct.

Keep the opening of the telephone sales conversation simple, but say something interesting, try using a prime desire statement to "grab" their interest so they'll want to hear more.

Explain why you are calling.
Question - use a variety of telephone skills techniques
Telemarketing Training Tips
Set Yourself Phone Sales Goals & Clear Objectives (Primary & Secondary):
Consider - what is the purpose of the phone sales call? (aim high but realistic)

Is it to inform?

To establish a need?

To obtain an appointment?

Never attempt to sell your product or services over the phone (unless you're in a phone sales role and have taken telemarketing training courses or workshops)

Never make a statement you cannot back up.

Remember to Discipline Yourself - Don't Be Deflected

Ensure That You Have The Right Information:

Never assume that the information you have is correct:

Reaching The Decision Maker:
Don't attempt to establish the decision maker and then talk to them in one phone call, if you don't know who to speak to then that is a call in its own right.

Close With A Commitment - Keep That Commitment:
If the commitment is to an appointment then always confirm in writing but,
Be Brisk
Be Polite
Be Immediate

Telephone Qualification Process:
The following is a list of areas you need to incorporate into your telesales training script' with some suggestions as to how you may find out the answers, however the secret to good telephone sales is to make it yours, i.e. your language, your terminology, that way you will feel confident and this will be apparent to the person you are calling.

Responsibility/DMU (Decision Making Unit)
Who should I be talking to regarding the purchase of?
Who else would be involved in such a decision?

When do you believe a budget will be made available for such a purchase/project this year?

What do you envisage that budget to be (i.e. is it realistic).
Is the budget dependent upon anything?

When is this purchase required to be completed by?
Is there a particular reason for this timescale? (Are they realistic?)

What are you hoping to achieve with your phone sales call ? (Is it within our capabilities?)

I feel I understand what is required and that we can help, I'd like to discuss your requirements further in person, would Thursday or Friday next week be suitable?

Some Rules for You to Remember in Your Telesales Training Class:
Always Smile - It projects a warm personality which is non threatening.
Always Be Enthusiastic - It's infectious.
Stand Up For The Important Call - You will sound more decisive, more authoritative and it expands the diaphragm.
Always Plan Your Phone Sales Call - Be prepared, know the reaction you are aiming for.

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