A Director of Telesales is often the leader or general manager of a customer service or sales call center. As a Director of Telesales, you will be expected to maintain sales goals, customer contact projections and use database software to effectively monitor workflow and marketing trends. Read on to learn more.

Fulfill the education or experience requirements most companies look for in a potential job candidate for a Director in Telesales. While a bachelor's degree in finance, accounting or business administration will certainly make you stand out from the competition, extensive supervisory experience in a call center or customer service environment may also suffice.

Enhance your coaching and training skills in a supervisory capacity, since you will be expected to develop your sales staff so that they will meet their goals. This includes knowing how to communicate with others in an effective manner, since large amounts of information must be constantly processed and monitored in a call center work environment.

Gain knowledge about some of the database software used to manage call centers and customer service departments. This may include such customer relationship management programs as Siebel, and such workforce management programs as Blue Pumpkin, IEX and eWFM.

Work in a number of subordinate positions in a call center environment, such as a workforce analyst or shift supervisor, as occupational stepping stones to eventually becoming Director of Telesales. This will allow you to have more practical knowledge about the inner workings of a call center. In addition, many customer service organizations may have a policy to promote from within.

Find a Job as a Director of Telesales
Use such industry-specific online employment sources as the Call Center Times to find Director of Telesales positions in your area (see Resources below).

Obtain the services of a recruiting process outsourcing company, such as Adecco, in order to find the best Director of Telesales position to fit your specific skills and experience (see Resources below).

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