There are many telemarketers who are script readers and offer detailed information about a new product or service. Charity organizations, political bodies and other fundraising organizations utilize the strategy of telemarketing. Public opinion polls can be conducted with the help of telemarketers.

Dealing With Rejection
Most people pursue telemarketing as a career because they want to break into the sales field. Unfortunately, the rejection and the abuse that is a large part of this career, puts an end to most career options. It is said that the fastest way to get your self-confidence bruised and battered is to become a telemarketer. This is one of the biggest reasons why the industry turnover of employees is so high. As salespeople, telemarketers are underpaid and hardly receive any form of telesales training. Unfortunately, telemarketers are not trained to handle personal abuse or to deal with rejection, which they encounter at some point or the other, during their careers.

Pursuing The Career
If you are aiming to pursue a career in telephone sales, you should ask yourself why you want to be underpaid and how you propose to deal with the abuse. Selling can be a very lucrative career prospect and a rewarding one too. On the other hand, it can batter your self-esteem. However, it can also build and develop your self-esteem and confidence and provide you with all the monetary gain you seek.

It is rewarding only if you learn all the skills properly. No one is born a great salesperson; selling is an art that needs to be learned. With the appropriate practical experience, you will be equipped with all the knowledge required to become a good salesperson. The best part is that a telemarketing career is not a costly investment.

However, the downside to telemarketing is that a major part of it deals with marketing consumer goods and products over the phone. A recent survey indicates that goods and services sold via telemarketing have amounted to billions of dollars every year. Over the years, the consumers have developed a certain degree of antipathy and antagonism, which is directed towards telemarketers and telemarketing as a whole. Telemarketers have been criticized for using unethical sales techniques and for making unwelcome phone calls.

All this has led to the implementation of certain strict legislative and regulatory control. The Federal Communications Commission, The Federal Trade Commission and many other agencies are now controlling telemarketing. The Direct Marketing Association is now maintaining a 'do-not-call' list for all those people who do not wish to be disturbed by telemarketing calls.

However, if you truly wish to pursue this difficult yet highly satisfying career, you should not let any of this stop you. There are various books and telemarketing training courses and seminars accessible, to help you in effective telemarketing training. Acquiring the necessary skills will ensure a position any time, at any one of the telephone sales services.

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