With technology on the rise, companies need to cope up with the recent changes in order to do business effectively. Companies that devote themselves to adapt with technology can now easily reach their clients and consumers by various means throughout the course of the rise in technology. Business owners can go online into the internet and market their products through various social media.

Even with all the great news and advancements in technology, telesales is still one of the most reliable procedures in order to get the word around about your company's business. For many reasons abound, a telesales company's services can be very useful in terms of sales and information gathering. With Business Process Outsourcing companies becoming a trend these days, they provide an affordable service to locations where labor would be expensive.

A telesales company can branch out into many categories but can be seen into two main categories which are the inbound and the outbound telesales. The use of these services depends on which one would be the best to use for your business.

Inbound Telesales

Most people think about this type of service as similar to customer support.
This type of service is slightly different to that of customer service since it would put into account some sales dealings in the process. This is because when we say customer service it solely represents a representative answering the calls of clients in order to answer queries and help them with their problems and needs with little or no money involved.

For example, a travel agency for an airline company will try and generate leads as well as gather information about the people who they know will purchase tickets for airline travel sometime in the future. Once these leads have already decided to purchase the ticket, the inbound call center representative from this company will now cater to the call of the lead into booking the flight for him. This is called order processing and is a part of inbound telesales.

Outbound Telesales

In this type of service, call center representatives would normally do a process called cold calling wherein they would call prospects and try to persuade them into purchasing a specific product or service that is being offered to their leads. These prospects do not know that they will be called by the telesales representative so there would be a lot of times that they will be interrupted in what they are trying to do before the representative called.

Besides sales, telesales representatives can also do lead generation campaigns. This is where call center representatives would call prospect clients and try to gather as much information as possible from the people that they have called. The main difference between inbound and outbound services from these companies is that in inbound the telesales representatives receive calls from customers whereas outbound would call people and try to make them customers.

With inbound call center services, sales training within the company is less strenuous than that of outbound services. This is because inbound call center agents tend to people that are already customers before the call was even made. Outbound call center representatives need a lot more sales training than that of inbound because it is part of their job designation to reach a certain quota in order to satisfy the requirements bestowed upon them by their respective clients.

Even though these two types of services may be different, they can work together in order to complete processes within a company. When these two services work together, a company can cater to clients and prospects clients with ease.

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