At some point in your telesales life, you feel an unexplainable unwillingness to pick up the phone and sell. It's a normal occurrence because it happens to 80% of telesales professionals who fail in their first year and eventually leave their telesales job. This phenomenon is called sales call reluctance.

Before it eats you up without you knowing, you have to be aware of the symptoms of sales call reluctance. Is the quantity and frequency of your prospecting activity declining? Or are you avoiding asking for the order?

There are many ways to beat sales call reluctance. You have to take stock of things and assess what are your problem areas so that you can implement corrective measures, such as the ones underlined below, to turn things around and reinvigorate your sales career.

Reinforce your telesales skills. You may consider yourself as an efficient telesales professional but you can never stop learning. If you want to hone your skills, you have to learn from the top salespeople. This requires your total commitment in order for your efforts to bear fruit.

Start that change today. The best time to change things for the better is as soon as you see the first signs of call reluctance. So make that commitment now, not later. Your commitment should be to reach the top. There is no room for mediocre results due to inferior objectives.

Find the right motivation to succeed. Ask yourself what you really want in life? If you want to be counted as one the top 20% to be called successful and earn as much money to buy the things that you long for, then you're in the right track. But if you still feel something is missing even though you're already at the top, you may be in the wrong place. Ask yourself questions to find out what it really takes to get you motivated. How much do the top salespeople in your industry make? How does it affect your life to be one of them? What do you really want to do with your earnings if you are one of them? Will it make you happy? Be honest with yourself.

Be positive. Put everything into action by having the right mindset when making each step to reach your goal. Think positively so that your dreams will turn into reality. If the wise say that what you think is what you are, and then think that you have already achieved your goals and ambitions.

Source: Heinrich Churchill link