Many B2B telesales companies have dropped cold calling just because they believe that it offers a poor return on investment. This can make you wonder whether this technique is worthwhile for you. However, despite the shifting trends in the field of B2B telesales, there is no doubt that cold calling is still an important method of ensuring appointment setting.

Then Why The Sudden Change?

The main reason behind B2B telesales companies' rejection of cold calling is that they forgot the main purpose of this method. Cold calling is not supposed to lead to sales, which is why companies get frustrated when they do not receive the profits they aim for. B2B telesales companies should use cold calling to offer telesales appointment setting.

Telesales appointment setting is when a telesales representative is able to convince the prospective client to meet up with the company's sales representatives in person. However, in an effort to cut costs, B2B telesales companies are avoiding the telesales appointment setting phase by appointing sales people who aim at closing the deal through one call. This is another reason why companies aren't able to profit well from cold calling.

B2B clients are your usual customers. They are shrewd businessmen just like you, which means that you won't be able to sell your products or services through your words. The only way you can close the deal is by selling yourself, which is only possible when you meet face to face. So, when a salesperson calls a potential client, he or she should actually aim at telesales appointment setting rather than trying to get the client to buy right away.

Any Pointers on How to Use Telesales Right?

Aside from focusing on telesales appointment setting when calling your clients, here are some tips that can help your B2B telesales company reap benefits from cold calling:

Train your B2B telesales company's salespeople on a regular basis. Your employees should be able to respond to clients in a way that will make them agree to telesales appointment setting.

If you feel that your telesales representatives won't be able to improvise, prepare a script that can help them remember what they need to discuss. However, make sure that you don't provide them with a dialogue or else they will sound too mechanical on the phone. This can turn your clients off and create obstacles during the telesales appointment setting phase
Makes your cold calling personnel adopt a friendly yet inquisitive talking style so that they can develop customers' interest. This will make them agree to meet up with your B2B telesales company's representative and make your telesales appointment setting process successful.

Source: Sherri Stapleton